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Winter White Melusine Fur Felt Milliner's Capeline 

Winter White Melusine Fur Felt Milliner's Capeline £ 78.00 In stock

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Winter white premium melusine capelines...almost white...but not quite.

These beautiful double sided long haired melusine capelines are made from 100% premium hare fur. Very popular for classic top hats, this melusine is a special long-haired fur felt that is the closest alternative to the silk originals.They are moderately prestiffened and are extremely easy to block.  Really this is the ultimate luxury in a fur felt and a premium top end product. It will block to any shape,just a quick steam and then straight on the block. Once blocked these are then brushed to produce a wonderful sumtuous long haired finish so reminiscent of vintage classics. The results are just stunningly beautiful.

These Winter White melusine fur felt capelines are large and measure 17"/ 43cm in overall diametre with a brim width of 5"/ 12cm. The crown is oval and is ~5"/ 12cm in height

They have a 0.75 stiffening all over and 1.5 on the brimand are 130g weight premium hare fur felt.


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