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How to Make Quick and Easy Hat Stands- Part 2

By Ann  |  2 Oct 2018 21:00:00


Well now that you've seen how easy small hat stands are to make, why not go for some larger stands that can be taken apart for transportation?

These hat stands are fantastic for narrow a small spaces and can be easily adjusted to different heights

These are not as instant, but are extremely easy to make and very robust. They are also great fun and can keep the children very busy....


You will need:

broom sticks and longer rake handles

Some thick timber and some thinner planks

a packet of balloons

Old newspapers

some sticky paste- I used wallpaper paste

Expandable foam


1. Blow up a number of ballons so that they are about 22" in circumference to mimic a head

2. Cover with several layers of newspaper that have been soaked in wall paper paste and leave to dry. Make sure to cover the end to form a chin. The smaller the pieces the better the finish...I suggest child labour at this stage!


3. When dry, make a very small hole to mimic where the neck joins the head in a person, bursting the balloon. The hole should be further back than the end of the balloon 'chin'. Continue to increase the size of the hole so that a broom stick will fit in snugly

4. Fill each head 2/3rds of the way with expandable foam and insert a broom stick. These really should be looking like heads now.. Leave to cure. This could take a few days.

5. Cut the thick timber to desired length of each base and drill out semi holes to accomodate the broomsticks. Make sure there's enough space for your hats between each 'head'.


6. Cut short planks and screw them on to the bottom. The idea is that they can rotate outwards to 90 degrees to add stability like feet.

7. Paint your heads and stand a neutral shade. Spray paints are good. You can also use heavy nylons or stretch fabrics to cover the heads. 

8. Cut the ends off the broomsticks to give varying heights. Do not glue the broom sticks into the stands. They should fit very snuggly and it is very useful to be able to take these stands apart from transportation. This is a very useful feature if you taking images of your hats. Just remove all but one display head and then park it up against a well lit white wall.....instant photo studio.


This is so easy.... and what's more....so transportable!





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