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Trimming with Goose Biots

By Ann | 4 Jun 2017 18:00:00 | Full article...

Millinery Trims with Goose Biots These feathers are between 4” and 7” long. They come on a fringe and with ~ 40 per 10cm. They are well worth investigating as they are inexpensive and are available in many shades. With a little work, they become very impactful and can ‘fill out’ a piece These are, in my opinion, much underrated feathers. Goose Biots are long spikes with a fronds on one side and a split spine on the other. So here’s what to do with

Cheltenham Tips

By Ann | 2 Mar 2017 00:00:00 | Full article...

  It's days to the start of arguably the most exciting racing festivals of the year, Cheltenham. And there's still time to create a a stirring millinery masterpiece. Felt is easy to block and shape and the elegant results speak for themselves. Trimmed with leather and crystals....the look can be quintessentially Cheltenham. If you've never tried felt,check out these two blog posts for some handy

Easy ways to add a little Seasonal Sparkle!

By Ann | 24 Nov 2016 16:00:00 | Full article...

It's the season to shine a little. A little shimmer adds some elegance to winter weddings and cocktail hats. Here are some easy ways to add a little without having to spend hours hand stitching I. Overlay a metallic sinamay over a couple of layers of plain sinamay. Thhe top metallic layer here is unstiffened, but when you steam it they hree layer stick together and block very nicely. For a more subtle look you could sandwich the metallic layer.        

Marilyn's Dress is Here........Thank you Marilyn. Your light shines on.

By Ann | 31 Oct 2016 14:00:00 | Full article...

The history of glassmaking in Bohemia has been written about since the 14th century. In 1711 the Fisher brothers brought the secrets of crystal cutting and polishing to Northern Bohemia In 1724, the first factory specialized in manufacturing and export of crystal chandeliers was established. Bohemian chandeliers were adorned the Royal Courts of Louis VX, the Ottoman Emporer and the Russian Empress During the 1800’s Bohemia became the world centre of jewellery

Felt Hat Making-Easy Stiffening!

By Ann | 20 Oct 2016 12:00:00 | Full article...

Felt Hat Making: Easy Stiffening This is how I use our felt stiffener This is really easy as long as you remember: a ………………..frame of mind........Imagine you are stroking a baby kitten! b……………….do this in a well ventilated room away from sources of ignition c ……………….you will need felt stiffener, a paint brush and a

Felt Hat Making-Easy Steaming!

By Ann | 12 Oct 2016 16:00:00 | Full article...

  Felt blocking seems to be a bit of a mystery, with all sorts of complicated watery processes and steam everywhere….a bit halloweenish really. Here’s what I do………..it’s really easy Grab a plant spray and spray the inside of the felt hood with water evenly. There is no need to saturate it.                 Place it into a clear plastic bag and close this by folding it over. Leave to one

How to Dilute Sinamay Stiffener

By Ann | 12 Mar 2016 19:00:00 | Full article...

How To Dilute Sinamay Stiffener 1. Take a clean empty plastic bottle and decant an amount of sinamay stiffener into it. 2. Add twice as much water, seal the bottle and shake it well   Now for the clever bit..... 3. Remove lid and cover mouth of bottle with cling film. You will always be able to get the lid off easily next time    

How to Use Our Spray Paints

By Ann | 12 Mar 2016 17:00:00 | Full article...

How To Use Our Spray Paints. One of difficulties of millinery is to produce hats and trims to match the outfit with which they will be worn.  Quite simply, not everything is made in every colour. Dyeing is an option for sinamay and straws, but does not work for quills, arrow heads and crin. To get over this problem, we have in stock a lovely range of this seasons colours in spray paints. So here's an easy way to use montana paints. Here I am going to spray arrowheads

Cutting on the Bias

By Ann | 5 Mar 2016 21:00:00 | Full article...

It's probably the first thing you need to get your head around in hat making, 'cutting on the bias'. It's one of those techniques that if you don't get it immediately, it will torment you. Achieving a couture finish is impossible without employing this technique. So forget everything that you have read or tried, blank your head. Now take a deep breath, and follow these steps: 1. Roll out your fabric with the finished edges (selvedges) parallel with the edge of the

Stiffening Silk for Flower Making

By Ann | 5 Mar 2016 19:00:00 | Full article...

Our new powdered silk stiffener is probably the best I've ever used. It's simple to make up, easy to use and the results are fantastic. There are no nasty smells and it is suitable for vegans. It has a long shelf life and will last for months in the fridge. How to make it 1. Take a clean 2 litre plastic container with a lid. Add 1 litre of warm water. 2. Take one 50g packet of our powdered silk stiffener and snip off a corner with a pair of scissors. Add gently to

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